2016 Cadillac ATS – XPEL Clear Coat

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I had the Xpel clear protectant done on the entire front end of my car including headlights and side view mirrors. I had it done at Peoria Clear Guard. Excellent workmanship. Anyone who installs Xpel has to be certified by the company.

This protects your paint from chips, bugs, etc, and it’s self healing when scratched.
It’s also hydrophobic too so water slides off it.

The last Cadillac (2013) I had, was devalued some because of all the paint chips on the front. This cost $1300. My newer Cadillac (2016) had a few small touched up chips and dings on the hood that got covered over with Xpel – I didnt have the money to have a full body shop put it in mint condition first.

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