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After Stage 1 you’ll need the beefier intercooler doing anything else (i.e. bigger turbo, cams, springs, etc).

ZZ Stage 2 comes with the intercooler and full 3″ cat-back exhaust system. A PCM tune update isnt needed for this mod.

stage 2

The big front mount intercooler is the main thing here. It cools off the system significantly allowing for more upgrades. The stock intercooler would become heat soaked and retard your timing at boost. The bigger 3″ exhaust is arguable whether it’s going to add any HP but it of course allows for better flow and sounds cool.

Changing out the intercooler was a pain, and best done on a lift. It didnt help that ZZP gave us the wrong intercooler brackets designed for a camaro and we ended up spending 6 hours to get materials and fabricate new ones. They also sent the incorrect sizes and number of clamps. We adapted and overcame, however.



  1. High end construction, quality materials.
  2. Great exhaust note and looks nice.
  3. Muffler and exhaust tips fit perfect.
  4. More than enough air flow readies it for further upgrades.  ZZP is the only one that does large 3″ pipe.
  5. Initially a lot of problems with ZZP customer service from a few of their people (listed below). Eventually Ashley at ZZP finally stepped in and made everything right – which in turn I bought more stuff.


  1. No instructions​ included in kit​​; online instructions don’t cover everything.​
  2. Bought an exhaust pipe hanger kit during install. There’s a support peg welded half way down the pipe with no mention of this and no hanger kit.
  3. Bought an exhaust clamp bolt; missing from kit. 
  4. Bought a pack of washers *as spacers* for the mid-section cross brace to keep exhaust pipe from bouncing/rubbing against it.
  5. ZZP didnt respond to my emails over an 8 day period (excluding weekend & holidays). They said because my email stated we fixed all the problems ourselves it didnt seem urgent.


Pros:  Very high end, heavy, & appears to be stainless tanks and aluminum cores. Runs cool, makes the stage 1 pull better, looks neat through the bottom grill area. 


  1. ​ZZP sent Camaro intercooler brackets instead of ATS as purchased. The front end was off, all the lines and coolers repositioned & the new intercooler couldn’t be bolted on.
  2. They also sent wrong size/count hose clamps. Got a ride into town to search for 3/16″ hot rolled to fabricate the intercooler brackets. I had to put tripods under the intercooler to hold it in place & clamp in the hoses, center it, dry fit the brackets plates, spray paint the hole markers, drill, mill, paint the things. Took an extra 6 hours, some road trips, and a little extra money.  This would have been a true nightmare without a knowledgeable person helping, special tools, and a car lift. Definitely not just bolt on and go. 
  3.  Intercooler bottom splash shield needed to be cut considerably – nothing mentioned anywhere about this. ​The intercooler was positioned as high as it would go yet it hangs sort of low – so it’s just that big. A couple random people online said they cut/trimmed theirs but we didnt see any pictures of it done. So we just so we trimmed /clearanced it instead of throwing it away – it help keeps the road elements and debris out (especially in the midwest).

    Side notes:  Online instructions say remove the front wheels​ – You can access all of the bolts in the fender liner w/o removing the wheels.  No clearance on elbows. Cut some silicone off: 1/2” into the intercooler & charge pipe. MAF sensor is extremely difficult to install​ on new pipe – Removed from factory pipe easily. Tried lubricating it with water, oil, etc & it made no difference. Carefully pressed it in using a vice. 

Summary : Great parts, fast delivery. Sounds nice, looks great. As with most bolt on projects a few slight mods were needed. ZZP is a custom performance shop and they’re hours of operation are M-F 8 to 5. If you’re not experienced it’s best to tackle this when they’re open in case you have questions. They dropped the ball sending some wrong parts and getting back to me about it.

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